Observation deck

The advantage of vantage
Our pithy problems seem so tiny
So antlike
From this height
So dreamily removed
From the bustle and groove
The busybody rhythm of Gotham
Here even our island statue
Is shrunken small
Above it all
We gain perspective
Find alignment and order
And now that our towers are lost
We become reflective
What majesty
What pride of the proud
To marry this city to the clouds
No act of terror
Can tear away
Our ability
To build our dreams here

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Just like the rest of us

She was the quiet one
Always turning pages
The widest, cutest
All-lip smiles
A Daddy’s Little Girl
Imperfect in an imperfect world

We all like alcohol
And so did she
But to a different degree
Where drinking
Controls your thinking
Makes you lie about life
Betrays your health
Litters all over your lovers
Until you can’t hide it anymore
Until it swallows
Your final breath

To me she is
Still that smiling girl
My friend’s little sis
Turning pages
In the back of a Ford Bronco
On that trip to Tahoe
A Daddy’s Little Girl

We all have problems
To different degrees
And who could blame her
She was just like the rest of us
Imperfect in an imperfect world

A remembrance.

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Pardon the dereliction
The neglection to review
These natural ties to nature
To stay true and review
This doctrine’s subscription
To hold fast
To those steadfast convictions
To refill this prescription

Let us be the scribes
Who describe
How to imbibe of this
Simple bliss

It’s time
For renewal
Which you will agree
Is long overdue

So it’s time to pay the dues
Counting them out
On this grassy slope
Where awaits the bluest slate
The most serene state
The careful crunch of crow’s feet
Flitting of gnat’s wings

No troubles and cares
Nor ne’er-do-wells
This is the place
To be renewed
To breathe
To see and believe

Be rebirthed and reborn
Baptized and evangelized
Praise the landlord for this
New lease on life
For it is all anew
I have found renewal
And I know you will, too

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If you want to speak to me
Just tune to this frequency
Open the lines to our minds
Connect to this two-way relay
Swoop in on this biofeedback loop
Realize this reality
is deeper than you and me
We can’t fit this bigger picture
on paper
No canvas can contain it
These powers were ours
long before cell towers
And it’s only as mystic
as you make it
It’s only a belief
if you don’t believe it
This information highway
is built on brainwaves
There is no distance for us
No in-betweens
We are highly sensitized
like Wi-Fi, on the fly
We are speaking and listening
Knowing and feeling
And we are

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We can see through your smoke
Find our way in your mirror maze
We are not deceived
By your strategy

We know we are all replaceable
In your grand scheme
You’ve made it all too clear
That you don’t need us here
But your strategy is a tragedy

Are you too detached to see
The steady flow of those who go
There is no one left
To implement
Your strategy

LitGlob Copyright 2014

Let us prey

You are not
Holier than thou
When the child’s hands
Were deemed unclean
Unfit to accept
Communion bread
The “Body of Christ”
You asked her
Demanded her
To take it
On the tongue
How obscene must you be
I knew that look of shock
As she shook her head
And walked away
When the stranger on the phone
Years before
Had asked her to breathe
To let him hear her breathe
What demon, what fiend
Possesses men
To do such things
Let us prey, you say

Then came the day
An uncle’s roommate
From a Catholic monastery
Approached a young teen
Handed him a computer disk
That “maybe you can fix.”
It was a simple software repair
But what the boy found on there
Were naked pics
Men and their “hardware”
Who are you to expose this boy
To such exposure
How could your perversions
Persuade our conversion
Provide any spiritual cleansing
Promise any healing and closure
Bring us closer to God?
Let us prey, you say

No way.

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Frisbee in the Street

Why do thoughts circle back
From Boston morning
To that Montreal night
Dance club and
The novelty of
19-year-old beers
Playing Frisbee
In the street

That police officer
Must have muttered
To himself
Before slowly rolling
His window down
And addressing us
In such a flat
French-Canadian calm
“Don’t play Frisbee in the street.”
Unblinking in
A glazed stare
As window slid up and shut

How we laughed
As he drove away
And proceeded
To stay up all night
Laughing and mimicking
“Dohn pleh Frisbee en de street.”
And playing Frisbee

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