Almost Real

What led me to this place in my mind
To construct, so complete, an artificial memory
To resurrect those feelings from lost times
And wonder why we never kissed
That rainy day when we trudged
Along muddy banks of the downtown creek
Like schoolchildren gone hooky
Side by side we sat and talked about religion and philosophy
About what was meant to be

How many times have I returned to that moment
Turned it ’round in my mind
To realize the press of lips that never was
How dreamy eyes wander and hide, reopen in some wonderful bloom
Wings from cocoon
The moody drip of tiny, fresh-fallen raindrops from lowest-hanging tips of brushed-aside bangs

The night we listened to big band music
Watched the record spin
And sat side by side on the porch
Surrounded by stars
But the belief system was out of synch
I tried to understand, to reason how you think
I read scripture, memorized the order of chapters
But you remained foreign to me
As if, against my wishes, we weren’t meant to be

So we met again in a dream last night
I am not sure what led me to explore
This abandoned corridor
To find you inside this tree-shaded cabin
The same playful voice from that day at the creek
To feel so real
The press of lips that never was

Is this what happens when shared memories meet again?
Were we only meant to be in a dream?

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

(“For a Raven,” from the archives.)


A circumstance
Especially one
That happens
By chance

To be circumspect
How much of life
Can we define
As such

Shit happens
We get that
But so do
So many other things
Wonderful things
That bring such meaning
Our beginnings
And endings

So embrace
The happenstance
Be glad we had the chance
The circumstance
To happen

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

One Size

First they supersized us
Wanted us to indulge
Go large
Buy bigger houses
And monstrous cars

But being bigger
Isn’t better
We finally decided

So then we heard
The new talking points
Environmentally friendly
Eat organic
Drive electric

Now we live in tiny condos
Motor in mopeds and Minis
Squeeze into lululemons
Nibble on “sensible” meals

And wonder if there really is
One size that fits all

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

Cloud World

Sky-swept shape-shifters
Billowy pillows
Drifting dollops
Cottony clumps
Glide blimplike

Weightless wanderers
In their world above
Bunching and bloating
Stretching and contorting
Forming fantasy cities in midair

Puffing up
As mountaintop monsters
Undefined forms in flight
We assign names
And meanings
Before they vanish
Blend and blur together
Soak into sunsets
In bluescreen backdrops

Clouds are living proof:
All that is real
Is ethereal

When Dialogue Died

  • CHARACTER 1: Is this called dialogue?
  • CHARACTER 2: Only because I am answering you.
  • CHARACTER 1: No, I created this dialogue by prompting your reply.
  • CHARACTER 2: ...
  • CHARACTER 1: Ha-ha! Ellipses dots, though silent, are still a sign of conversational continuation! Like "To be continued ..."
  • CHARACTER 2: ... No, it died. Now it's called "Died-alogue."
  • CHARACTER 1: ...
  • Copyright 2014 LitGlob

Apostrophe Catastrophe

It‘s an apostrophe catastrophe
They‘re all facing the wrong way

Billy Gates, what would
Your English teacher say?
How could all of your
Fancy schmancy
Get stuck
On such simple grammar?

When Microsoft Word
Is the final word
Has the final say
On which way
Apostrophes are
Supposed to face
Oh, the disgrace

It‘s amazing
That we somehow
Fumigated against
The Millennium Bug
Saved the world from
Certain destruction
In the ‘99 to ‘00

But what about
Those apostrophes!
It‘s a simple rule
Unless it‘s the start
Of a single quote
You should note
That it curls
In the opposite

So please make this
And we‘ll all be
So happy
You‘ll see

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

Fall Forward

It’s been said
That running
Is an act
Of perpetually
The trick
Is to keep
The next foot
Always ahead
Just enough
To keep falling

Two wheels
Are the great
Balancing act
It’s easier to stay on
To keep up
To feel the thrill
Of wind
In your face
If you pedal faster
Stay in motion
Of course
The faster you go
The harder
The fall
Life is this
In so many ways

Is the easy part
The trick is
To keep falling forward
Don’t live life
With training wheels.

Copyright 2014 LitGlob