Don’t ever ask the oddsmakers
About your life
They will sum it all up
Average it out
In patterns and trends
Handicap your weaknesses
Assign numbers in strengths
Dissect the statistics
Probe your probabilities

Don’t ask the oddsmakers
What comes next

For you alone know
The one variable
They can never divide by
Or define

You can
The oddsmakers

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

Heroes and Zeros

That fine white-chalk line
Separates the foul
From the fair
Winners and losers
Zeros and heroes

Score is tied up at 3-3.

What will you
Take to the plate
On this big stage
At this late stage
Of the game?

Bottom of the 9th inning.

How deep
Can you reach
To summon
The strength
Of Giants?

Two runners on. Travis Ishikawa at bat.

When did you
Know it was
Up to you to do
That it was all
In the Cards?

The swing …

Is everything
Ball flies high
Over tall green wall
That defines and divides
Winners and losers
Heroes and zeros

Giants win the pennant.

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

(Congrats to the San Francisco Giants. Not my team, but I am a lover of baseball magic and lore.)

Matter of Moments

-Moment #1
That movie scene
In “Gallipoli
Lives in balance
When general’s orders
Carried fleet of foot
Could have stopped the carnage
If there was one less obstacle
In the runner’s path
One swifter step
A single moment sooner
That moment

-Moment #2
Impatient train
Not here for long
A surge of
Skipped stairs up
On borrowed-ahead
Gates open
Splitting seconds
Into smaller pieces
To see the slide-shut doors
Whir and rattle of
Every segment
Busy in begun journey
A moment more
A different story

-Moment #3
The train
The timing
The same it seems
But train hesitates
Doors stay open
A moment more
And flashing back
To Moment #2
When train was gone
The solitude
And serenity
Of a quiet place
No people
No trains
Breathing in
The moment
And taking the time
In wait
To write
A poem.

Every moment matters. Every one.

The rocks are alive.

"The rocks are alive."
He told me.
He knew.
Long before the others came.
Before the crowns and cowboys
Called forefathers “Indians.”
All things are borne
From this same star-burst Earth.
The same spirit fabric.
In different atomic weights
And concentrations
But it’s all the same chemistry
The ancestral stories
Were sound and true.
Long before the others
Called it science
Forefathers knew.
The rocks are alive.
The same as you and I.

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

For an old friend at D-Q. He knew.

Prophets (not for profit)

It’s time to lose
Your first-person perspective
Cleanse your soul till it’s reflective
Test the leather of others’ shoes

It’s time to choose
If you will spend your time
Nurturing an open mind
Or dismiss us all as fools

It’s time to fail
In all your efforts to be “better”
To live a life unfettered
Return from beyond the pale

It’s time to forfeit
Your petty games of thrones
Our fates are not yours to own
Our prophets are not for profit

Copyright 2014 LitGlob