On backdrop of glassy calm
Afloat on dense fur coats
Huddled in hope
Wayward seafarers
Scan the skies
To what siren’s song
Do they respond
Rock and shell in tote
Defying their own demise
Despite a skin so prized
Dunking into silky drink
They stay at bay by rote
From this drifting colony
Just star-bound stares
Curious glares
At landlubbing onlookers
Not an utterance
From one to another
For one an otter
For all an otter

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

Anarchist Bicyclist

Dear Anarchist Bicyclist,

I know you know
The light was green
Though that may mean
Different things
To you and me

These road rules
Goverment regulations
Moving violations
Are just The Man’s way
To keep us down
To get in our way, right?

But Jesus Christ,
Anarchist Bicyclist
Traffic was moving
At full fucking speed
And me in my parents’ SUV
You zipping out of nowhere
So carefree
Across Broadway
Without warning

So when my brakes slammed
My tires screeched
And this giant metal beast
Reduced your life
To a matter of inches
Jolting to a halt
While you, unflinching

It must have seemed
Some awful irony
That played out
In your defiant brain
Anarchist vs. SUV

Oh, the would-be tragedy
That soon became comedy
When you flipped a finger
And rode off into the cityscape

Guess what,
Anarchist Bicyclist:
I accept you
And your views
Let us go in peace

But remember
No matter how
Anti-this or that
You may be
Still apply
To you, your bike and SUVs.

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

To be a T-rex

In this evolutionary
Pecking order
Humans are
Supposed to be
The conquering species
The most ferocious predator
Superior to all before

But think
How T-rex went extinct
Long before we ever
Began our world tour

Is that what’s in store?

We are the sum
Of ALL our parts
Every creature
Big and small
Played a role
In how we adapted
How our DNA grafted

We are only as strong
As the weakest link
In this long chain
The dodos that fell
The single cells

And did you
Ever ponder whether
The plants and animals we eat
Were, by some twist of fate
Cheering our arrival
Are rooting for our survival?

Because while we so recklessly
Display the power to destroy
To be the T-rex
We also have in us, among
All Things
The power to create
To bring things back
From the brink of extinction
To save ourselves, even
And Every Thing else

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

La tour Eiffel

"We’ll meet at the Eiffel Tower."
We said
So self-assured in
Our headstrong youth
In that Age
Before Mobile Phones
When strangers in a strange land
Felt so alone

First to arrive
Gorging on brie
And fresh bread
On a patch of sprawling grass
As the hour neared
And then the approach
The formidable scale
And grandeur
Loomed larger than life itself

Too many people
Too massive
This metal monument
The middle?
Which of the giant’s feet?
How absurd, to think
That we could meet
At this time
At this place

Until the familiar figure
Stepped forth
Backpacked and smiling broadly
“Bonjour,” to be sure
This is the way
Adventures begin

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

Skull ‘n Bones

Why must you adorn yourself
Surround yourself
With symbols of death
When did our gutless end
Become a fashion trend
Why are you so hellbent on
The apocalypse
What pleasure do you derive
From empty skulls, crossed bones
What meaning do you make
Of nameless remains
Skeletal frames

Why not celebrate
The fleshy fullness of life
Forget about the simple sticks
That prop up hearts and souls

Copyright 2014 LitGlob

Public Service Announcement

Shouldn’t we all be
Public servants

If we aren’t trying
To make this place
A better place
In some way
Lift each other up
Help each other out
Open the goddamn door
Fix what breaks
If we aren’t in
Public service
Then wtf are we here for

Who are we kidding
Who are we bleeding
Who are we defeating

How big of you
Boss pleasers and palm greasers
To pay too little
To those who work too much
Read the label: “In God We Trust”

This is not a socialism pep talk
It’s all about democracy
The good of all
Or are you too CAPITALIZED
To see

Our future isn’t a fucking commodity
Your warped values are mythology

Don’t sacrifice the good
In you and me
For $1.93

A public service announcement.

Copyright 2014 LitGlob


The weight of the world
Applies pressure
Divides our attention
Builds tension and friction
In this daily grind
Our faults become self-evident
When exteriors crumble
From the shuddering and shaking
The heart tremors and lip quivers
Our own seismic lives
Roll over us in waves
Bursting tears and bulging veins
Bracing for sudden aftershocks
Did you
Feel the quake, too

Copyright 2014 LitGlob